Hawaii Truck Conversion

Transforming Standard Trucks into Workhorses

We take existing trucks and convert them into specialized work trucks tailored to various industries. From construction to municipal services, our conversions are designed to meet the unique needs of every sector.

Dump Bodies

Heavy-duty bodies designed for hauling materials, ideal for construction, landscaping, and similar tasks.


Versatile platforms suitable for transporting large equipment, machinery, and other heavy items.

Service Bodies

Organized compartments and storage solutions designed for easy access to tools and equipment.


Machines tailored for efficient processing and breakdown of wood and organic materials.


Lifting mechanisms designed to enhance loading and unloading capabilities for various applications.


Specialized truck bodies equipped with tools and equipment for on-site mechanical services.

Hooklift Trucks

Trucks designed for easy loading and unloading of waste containers, commonly used in recycling and waste management industries.

Water Trucks

Vehicles equipped with large tanks, designed for transporting and distributing water.

Fuel & Lube

Support vehicles equipped to supply machinery with essential lubricants, antifreeze, grease, and other fluids.


Specialized vehicles tailored for municipal services, including refuse collection, septic management, and asphalt application.


Attachable platforms designed for the transportation of goods, machinery, and other heavy items.

Cranes & Liftgates

Auxiliary equipment designed to assist in lifting and loading tasks, enhancing the functionality of trucks.

At HIWASTE MFG, we understand that every business has unique requirements. Whether you're in construction, waste management, or any other industry, we can outfit and equip your truck to perfectly fit the needs of your operations.

Don't settle for generic solutions; let us tailor-make a truck conversion that elevates your business efficiency.

Send us a message, and our team of experts will promptly reach out to discuss how we can drive your business forward.

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